Puppet Master mask can be made out of anything as long as it can hold a smartphone on a viewing spot and blocks out any other surrounding visuals.

For this mask we are going to use Google developed cardboard template which is free to download from the cardboard site. Fortunately we dont need magnets or lens holder so it will e simplified for what we need. For a more comfortable experience we will compensate the lack of the lenses (focusing in such a short distance) with extending the lenght of the mask body itself.

We will also add some punky bandages for fixing the mask onto skull, giving hand freedom for a slave for any kind of touching input games might need.

Supplies needed:

Template comes as 2 A4 size printouts. The pieces have to be combined onto cardboard as a one whole. Start by dissecting half of the frontcover from the page one.

Make a straight cut into the frontcover along dissected puppet logo and two sidelines.

Glue the pieces to the cardboard so the puppet logo will be as whole and the white 1 will cover the black 1.

Cut the whole piece along the outer line.

Notice that the plane where the puppet logo is has two extended cuts into the shape.

Two wings that they form will make some moderate pressure for the phone preventing it from falling apart as well as blocking some gaps from outer world.

For more precise and easier folds use a ruler and something pointy (not sharp!) to press folding lines onto cardboard. Folding lines are all gray lines on templates.

Fold the mask into its shape so that the glued template will be outside. Two open sides should cover each other.

To connect these sides you could use any method that you feel will hold.

Im using the same glue which I applied the templates onto cardboard but of course it won´t hold.

It even won´t hold the template glued after cutting so Im removing this part of paper to have some kind of temporary hold.

Im also using some tape for fixing this side and you can even use stapler or sewing or whatever materials you have and what you find charming.

For headstrap cut 3 pieces of bandages, each about half a meter long.

Cut the holes for the bandages with excto knife. Or use drill or a puncher.

Insert bandages and tie some knots to fix them

The top bandage will also close the front cover and will help to keep the smartphone inside the mask.

Connect headstrap behind the head with knots.

I prefer to do it while wearing the mask to get best fit.

Sometimes also jamming some hair between knots and it hurts to get em out.

We are finished with this basic mask.

Of course, there's an obligation to make it cooler by covering it with drawings or applications, preferrably as a groupjob.